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Adam's Jewellery

Since only one championship trophy is awarded by the league to the winning team, championship rings are distributed as a collectible memento for the actual players and team officials to keep for themselves to symbolize the victory. Winners' medals (and runners-up medals) are not awarded in North American professional sports, in contrast to Olympic team sports and European club association football tournaments such as the Premier League and UEFA Champions League. In addition, the championship in North American pro team sports is the culmination of the regular season and playoff tournament, while in European club football the league championship and domestic/continental cups are separate competitions. For North American pro teams, the playoff league championship is the single most significant part of the season. Indeed, most teams and fans in North America do not consider division titles or conference titles to be notable honors at all, and therefore in practice teams in major North American professional sports consider themselves to compete annually for only a single honor, the league championship, which is determined by a playoff tournament that is seeded based on regular season performance. This is in sharp contrast to European football clubs who celebrate and compete for both regular-season "league" titles and playoff tournament "cups", as well as international tournaments in some cases.

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The magnificent blue of sapphire, or the sunshine yellow of topaz. The royal purple of amethyst, or the mesmerizing red of ruby. The rich green hue of the emerald, or the distinct sheen and creamy texture of the rainbow moonstone. All of these have had mankind enchanted since their very discovery and have been used in jewellery designs since time immemorial. Jewellery studded with gemstones are a staple in every Indian woman’s closet. In fact, in the current day and age, it adds a sense of postmodern whimsy to every ensemble - ethnic or western. While women stock on various gem stones and enjoy the idea of mixing and matching apart from going by its astrological significance, many aren’t completely aware of the different ways in how they can preserve their gemstone jewellery. Here are some useful tips on taking care of those semi-precious wonders that are truly a gift to every woman’s closet.